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In this section of our site you can familiarize with opportunities of programming of your site for maintenance of convenience and simplicity Dialogue with your visitors, convenience and simplicity of management of a site, a safety of a site and his(its) visitors, Full and convenient representation of production of your organization, etc

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  Control system 

With the help of a control system and administration of a site you can carry out full management of all pages and sections of a site.

  To add new pages on a site.
  To add new sections.
  To interchange the position items(points) of the menu of a site.
  To change headings.
  To change fonts and styles of a spelling of texts.
  To add photos and graphic objects.
  To change META-tags (if necessary).

  Cost - 320 $ 

  Post forms 

  For interactive work with your partners and for an establishment of a feedback with visitors of a site will create system of convenient forms and questionnaires.

  The data entered by visitors of a site in polling forms (votings), can to be processed and sent on specified by you E-mail, or to be deduced(removed) as tables, schedules to be brought in a database, etc.

  If necessary fields of forms are checked on compulsion and a correctness of filling:

  Cost - 34 $ 

  News on a site 

  The module of addition, removal(distance), editing of news.

  Cost - 45 $ 

  The program of dispatch 

  Visitors of your Internet - resource can subscribe for dispatch of news or on anyone ther necessary

  Cost - 60 $ 

  The guest book 

  Visitors can leave the responses, ask questions, etc.

  Cost - 75 $ 


  It is the interactive form of interaction of the holder of a site with visitors, and also visitors among

  Here it is possible to express the opinion, to discuss this or that novelty, to lift interesting guestions to
initiate discussion.

  Cost - 105 $ 

  Search on a site 

  Placing on a site own, optimum adjusted under your features search system, you simplify a presence
(finding) (and, certainly, purchase) the necessary goods, service and anyone other information.

  Feature of the search system given by us, will be, that she(it) analyzes words entered by visitors also
creates statistics inquiries. Being guided on the data of search system, you can flexibly operate contents the resource so that maximum to approach it(him) to needs of visitors.

  Cost - 95 $ 

  Differentiation of access 

  Frequently it is required to make some part of a site accessible « only for the ».

  For this purpose we think over convenient system of registration and authorization of visitors.

  The input(entrance) on the closed parts of a resource is carried out through input of the password.

  Cost - 42 $ 

  Bulletin board 

  Creation, editing, removal(distance) of sections and separate records, search, etc.

  Cost - 95 $ 

  The catalogue of production 

  We shall create the convenient, easily updated catalogue, the price-list your goods, services with system sortings, search and the order, Let's open a separate input(entrance) for dealers, partners and the
registered users.

  Cost - 260 $ 

  Adjusting works 

  We shall establish and we shall adjust the software developed by us on a hosting to platform.

  Cost - 35 $ 
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Web-studio in Petersburg, Web-design in Petersburg, creation of sites in Petersburg